Sunday, 7 June 2015

Detox 'Foot Pads' - the natural way to detox.

Following my mum’s purchase of detox foot pads, I decided to give them a try. Despite being rather apprehensive upon the realisation that they were from the £1 shop, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The instructions say to wear a pad on one foot, every other night whilst you sleep. Apparently the foot wearing the pad may feel a heat sensation, but I personally didnt. The ‘foot pad’ theory is that that it draws your body’s toxins onto the pad, enabling them to to be released through your feet whilst you sleep – ‘the natural way to detox’. When you remove the pad from your foot in the morning, it should appear black as opposed to it’s’ natural grey colour (the darker the colour, the more toxins released). The idea is that by the end of the week’s course, your ‘foot pad’ should be it’s’ original grey colour, or at least a lot less lighter in colour than after the first night – thus proving that your body’s toxins have been removed.

Despite my initial hesitation, I would say that the ‘foot pads’ work really well! In comparison to the beginning of the week, my foot pads significantly lightened, thus proving that my body’s toxins have substantially reduced! The only negative I would comment on is the fact that despite it being the end of the course, my last pad still had a dark colour so maybe a course longer than a week would work better! Also, on one of the nights whilst wearing a foot pad, it actually fell off from fidgeting too much!

However overall I would definitely recommend trying this new detox – after all, it’s only £1! Bargain!


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