Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Every grey cloud has a silver lining: my recent blog makeover.

Last week I was pretty distraught as I received an email informing me that another girl also had a blog called Just Your Average Girl; and that she legally owned the rights to use it as her personal blog name and domain - basically, I was given no choice but to try and come up with a new name for my blog.

As some of you probably saw from my pleading and desperate Facebook posts, I was completely void of ideas; this email had completely taken me by surprise! Obviously I realised that Just Your Average Girl wasn't that original and was probably in use elsewhere than my own little blog; but (and no, I am not just saying this out of spite or jealousy) I literally had never heard of / seen another blog etc with the same name.

ANYWAY, after thinking long and hard about my first world problem (and sighing over suggestions such as 'happy, clappy, and wacky') , I decided on one of mum's better suggestions - 'Forever Faye'. For those who don't know already, I have always been a fan of my middle name 'Faye', also meaning 'fairy'. I realise that Forever Faye doesn't particularly mean anything other than relating to my middle name, but I decided that I liked that as it gives me scope to write about anything and everything as I choose to do so.

When looking at (stalking) this other phantom Just Your Average Girl blog; I noticed that just like me, they had created their blog using wordpress and had also opted for the same 'Adelle'  wordpress blog theme as me. Already disgruntled in the knowledge that my JYAG blog name wasn't completely original, I decided to go full out and pay for someone to custom design my blog (they only did custom designs for blogger not wordpress, hence my switching of websites to Blogger).

I know some of you may think that all of this is completely OTT, but if something bad happens, why not turn it into something good instead? Journalism (ideally writing for a women's magazine), is my dream job goal and if my blog can help me achieve my dream job, then why not give it 100%?

I hope you like my new blog makeover as much as I do :)

*Please note that my old blog at is no longer available as everything has been copied across to this new site*

My blog was designed as part of the Deluxe package at


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