Monday, 8 June 2015

Five 'must have' free apps for your smartphone.

With a large percentage of the population owning a smartphone, whether it be android or apple; I thought it might be a good idea to conduct a list of what I believe to be great apps, that not everyone will necessarily have.

#1 – IMDb. This is one of my favourite apps. Containing a database of hundreds of films and their cast members, this app allows you to quickly and easily check an actor or actress against a film – meaning that you won’t have that constant ‘omg where have I seen them before?’ feeling when watching a movie. A must have app for film fanatics / anyone who always gets that annoying mental block when trying to remember films and their cast members. 

#2 – RefME. For University students, this app will be your lifesaver. No longer will you have to cry at the thought of referencing your essays – ‘RefME’ will do it for you! Simply choose the type of referencing system that your Uni follows, scan your book’s bar-code or enter in the relevant details when prompted; and have a fully constructed reference in seconds!

#3 – Banking app. Downloading your bank’s app (all major branches should have one available), will also be another lifesaver in terms of potential embarrassing moments. As a student, I personally find myself worrying if I have enough money on my debit card when shopping in stores. Through using my bank’s app (HSBC), I am able to quickly check my available balance and transfer money across my accounts in seconds – thus making sure that I never have to shamefully walk away without my shopping!

#4 – Lifesum. For those who are looking to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle, this app is great for getting you on the right track. The app lets you tailor your targets according to whether you want to ‘be healthier’, ‘lose weight’, or gain weight’, in order to reach your goal. Simply create a free account using facebook or your email, and then start by entering in your exercise and any meals that you have eaten. The app will then advise you as to whether you are on track for your goal or if you need to do more or less exercise / eat more or less in order to reach your target. This is an incredibly simple app and really easy to use.

#5 – been. If you love to travel, this app is perfect for you. been allows you to keep track of each country you have visited by highlighting it’s position on the map in orange. It also provides you with the overall percentage of Europe you have covered, and also the world as a whole – just keep updating it when you travel! For those who like the idea of a ‘scratch map’, this app is great as it’s effectively the same, but on-the-go!

 I hope you have enjoyed reading my 5 ‘must have’ apps, and have fun using them!


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