Monday, 8 June 2015

Garnier Ultimate Blends: 'The Strength Restorer' serum review.

The downfall of living in Plymouth, is that pretty much everywhere is in walking distance, and by this I mean Drake Circus shopping center. I don’t know what it is, but I feel almost cheated if I somehow manage to miraculously walk through a shopping center without at least buying something – yes, I am guilty of buying Krispy Cremes despite not feeling hungry in the slightest (I literally can’t put into words how good the Caramel Crunch flavour is?!) 

Anyway, last week when I was browsing Boots (for no particular reason other than I was passing through and why wouldn’t I buy something?); I came across Garnier’s new ‘Strength Restorer Serum’ from their Ultimate Blends collection. Reduced from around £5 to just over £3 (I think the exact price was £3.29 reduced from £4.99 but can’t remember for sure); I was instantly drawn in as I have used Garnier Ultimate Blends shampoo and conditioner in the past, and have always found both products to leave my hair smelling amazing as well as looking extra glossy! Because my hair is quite thick, it often goes out of condition very quickly, resulting in it needing a cut about every six weeks, therefore I felt that this serum which claims to be perfect for ‘fragile hair’ which is ‘prone to breakage’, would be perfect. 

The Strength Restorer Serum is enriched with protective honey bee Propolis extract which is believed to act as a great protective barrier for hair, whilst also giving the serum a lovely subtle honey fragrance. Garnier advise that you can either use 1-2 drops of serum applied to the lengths and ends of fragile hair in order to smooth the look of split ends and straighten hair; or you can use the serum as a pre-styling ritual by using 2-3 drops of serum on towel-dried hair for an intense treatment for added softness and protection against breakage. 

The serum claims to make your hair stronger in just one week when used in conjunction with Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Strength Restorer shampoo and conditioner. Although I haven’t been using the shampoo and conditioner recommended, I would still say that my hair is feeling thoroughly nourished and cared for. Unlike some serums, I have found this product to be light weight and non greasy, making application really easy for a quick fix! For anyone looking for a hair product to help keep their hair nourished and in good condition, I would definitely recommend this serum – especially at the bargain price of £3.29! What’s to lose? 


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