Monday, 8 June 2015

My experience of #PlymouthBlogMeet.

Drawing by@BbeccaHeppolette.
Drawing by +beccaheppolette 

So today was my first ever experience attending a ‘meet up’ with fellow bloggers. The meeting was held in Rumpus Cosy which is a quirky little restaurant/cafe near the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. Upon arrival, our designated tables were dressed beautifully with pretty china cups and saucers, along with wine glasses for water (which had cucumber in – an immediate sign that this was somewhere I was going to enjoy and would be revisiting).

IMG_6223Prior to our meeting, we had each paid £6 to Ellie who was our event organiser, which meant that upon arrival we could order anything from the menu up to the value of £6. Since I am currently trying to be healthy, I opted for a ‘super fruit’ tea which claimed to be full of beneficial antioxidants. My tea was served in a cute little Japanese style teapot – perfect for keeping my tea warm whilst having a good old chat! However despite trying to eat healthily, I have to confess that when Rumpus Cosy’s staff brought out free slices of carrot cake, it was hard to say no – I mean, just look at the photos! Nearing our departure we were also surprised with lovely paper gift bags filled with lovely samples from a few kind brands – my favourite being Sweet Cecily’s rose body butter which came in a beautifully packed box.

Admittedly I was slightly nervous at the prospect of meeting a whole bunch of new people, but I can honestly say that I needn’t have worried. The best thing was that I wasn’t the only one taking 15 different photos of my cake before eating it! I think the best way to describe #PlymouthBlogMeet was kind of like when you’re drunk in a club or bar and somehow become best friends with other girls queuing for the loo; you don’t know them at all, but you just natter away like you’ve known each-other for years – meeting the other girls today was sort of like that, except sober, obviously.
I really enjoyed my first blog meet up experience, and would definitely attend another in future!

I hope anyone reading this has had an equally great day :)


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