Monday, 8 June 2015

Nepalese earthquake: over four thousand miles away and yet so close to home.

A few of the children we met back when travelling in 2010.
A few of the children we met back when travelling in 2010.

As I realise the whole world is, I am literally stunned at the amount of devastation and deaths (bordering on 10,000) that Nepal’s recent earthquake has caused. As you can see from my blog post’s title, despite being thousands of miles away, Nepal’s earthquake feels a little too close to home as five years ago I was travelling in Nepal with my family for a month, across both Kathmandu and Pokhara – both of the places to have been hit hardest in the recent earthquake.
To see such a serene, beautiful country demolished in a matter of days, is truly devastating – even more so when I think back to the countless number of lovely Nepalese people who we met throughout our travels. Natural disasters such as Nepal’s recent earthquake shouldn’t be inflicted upon anyone – however as this power is unfortunately out of our control, the best we can do is help with the aftermath.
Please donate whatever you can to help Nepal and its people get back on track – even the smallest donation will make a difference.

Nepalese children after the earthquake.
Nepalese children after the earthquake.

I've donated, have you?



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