Sunday, 7 June 2015

Oxford vs. Plymouth.

Having grown up in Oxford (well I say Oxford – I mean a little village nearby), yet attend University in Plymouth, I thought it may be fun to do a blog post on which city I believe to be best.  I’ve decided to judge each city based on 3 main categories: food, affordability and attractions.

FOOD: Being a massive lover of all things edible, I felt it necessary to include a food category in order to help me weigh up the pros and cons of each city. One of my favourite places to grab a drink in Oxford is ‘Moo-Moos’ milkshake bar situated in Oxford’s covered market. Ranging from a chocolate bar category consisting of ‘after eight’ flavour to ‘nutella'; a biscuit category serving ‘custard cream’ milkshakes to ‘party rings'; a cereal category selling ‘golden nuggets’ to ‘fruit n fibr'; a cake category with ‘apple pie’ and ‘cherry bakewell'; a sweet category with ‘dolly mixtures’ and ‘apple pencils'; to a range of syrup sauces such as butterscotch or chocolate fudge – not to mention several fruit flavour milkshakes and smoothies as well, Moo-Moos is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings! Another great place in Oxford is ‘Thirsty Meeple’s Board Game Cafe’ which is literally as it says – a cafe filled with board games! With over 2,000 games to pick from, customers are welcome to spend their entire evening relaxing, eating and drinking whilst playing board games with family and friends to their heart’s content! However this cafe is extremely popular and is often full to the brim from around 12pm so it is well advised to book in advance so as not to avoid disappointment! However, whilst Oxford does have many lovely cafes, restaurants and bars; Plymouth is also full to the brim with places to eat and drink – my favourite being ‘Caffeine Club’. Caffeine Club is probably one of the most chilled cafes I have visited in Plymouth – probably because it is constantly packed to the brim with students! Perfect at any time of the day, Caffeine Club is open 24 hours which makes it ideal for drunk cravings! However don’t get me wrong – unlike many portions of food that are drunkenly consumed  after a night out, you will not regret buying from Caffeine Club! Their food is literally to die for – the nachos being a personal fave along with a 2 pint milkshake (yes I did just say 2 pint); and to top it all off, it’s super cheap too!

AFFORDABILITY: Given that Oxford is one of the priciest city’s in the country, it can be readily assumed that Plymouth will win on this category. Whilst chain restaurants/cafes/bars will usually stick to the same prices no matter what city, it is the individual businesses, along with clubs where you really notice a difference in cost. To go out clubbing in Oxford, you should expect to pay around £6 entry fee for a club e.g. Camera which is £6 entry after 10:30pm on a Saturday. In comparison, clubs such as Oceana can be as little as £3 entry fee depending on which night you go. Drinks also differ a lot in price, with Plymouth proving considerably cheaper – especially when Odd Bar is selling 50p shots! Lastly, because of where I, and many of my friends at home live, getting into Oxford late at night always proves a long and expensive affair, whereas in Plymouth I am able to walk everywhere making it 100000x easier!

ATTRACTIONS: Ok so being a major shopaholic (despite probably not actually classing as an ‘attraction’); I would have to say that both city’s have really good shopping. Quite a lot of people probably won’t agree with me that Oxford has decent shops, but I personally think that with two fairly big shopping centres, in addition to two high streets, it deserves recognition (especially now that it’s home to a massive H&M!) Although people probably won’t agree with my view on Oxford’s shopping, I am sure that the majority will agree with me in saying that Plymouth’s huge shopping centre: ‘Drake Circus’, is of value. In addition to the hundreds of shops situated on Plymouth’s high street, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! Ok so enough about shopping. Another favourite attraction of mine in Plymouth, is the ‘hoe’ which is a huge grassy/park area overlooking the sea. This is a really lovely place to go and visit when it’s sunny and warm – a must for any picnic goers! The view is amazing and it’s a great open space for playing a game like rounders or football with friends. The only thing I would say, is that it gets incredibly cold up there on a windy day, so make sure you take a coat!

Having blogged what I believe to be the best things about each city, despite loving to live in both areas, I would have to say that Oxford is still my favourite – after all, home is where the heart is! What do you think? 


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