Sunday, 7 June 2015

Protein World 'The Slender Blend' review.

With summer fast approaching, I, like many others, felt the need to work towards my summer body…

I am a member of my University gym and following too much  over-indulging at Christmas, have become a regular member – going around 4-5 times a week in comparison to the previous once a month. However despite noticing a substantial difference in my fitness levels, I still felt the need for a bit of extra help, hence I have decided to use Protein World’s ‘Slender Blend‘ for a trial period. Despite being classed under ‘weight loss’, slender blend claims to help you build toned and lean muscle and strong hair and nails – what’s to lose?!

After reading several product reviews, I opted for the vanilla flavour as this seemed to appear the most popular among other customers. The slender blend doesn’t come with a free cup unless you buy the entire ‘weight loss’ collection, so I also opted for that too; however this was only £3 and well worth the money in my opinion! Delivery was really fast and came in a bright yellow box that was branded with Protein World’s logo which I really liked. The package also contained a little hand written card and a healthy recipe book for making slender blend smoothies and pancakes, which I thought was a really nice touch and should prove very useful!

Protein World suggests that you mix 4 spoons of slender blend with 400 ml of either water or a nut based milk (I used almond milk), and have two times per day as meal substitutes – along with one healthy main meal. Upon trying my slender blend for the first time, I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised! The best way of describing the vanilla flavour is similar to that of a vanilla milkshake at McDonald’s (which I LOVE). Despite some reviews saying that the taste is too sweet, I would say that the taste is just right and really easy to drink! Another thing that really pleased me was the cup, as it contains a concealed plastic gauze beneath the lid which makes sure your drink doesn’t come out lumpy!

I am yet to try the slender blend with water instead of milk, but so far my opinions are very positive! I would say that anyone who is considering buying this product, should just go out and try it!


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