Monday, 8 June 2015

Spring clean your life.

Given that it is now officially spring and summer is just around the corner (yay!), I felt that now would be a great time to carry out a major spring clean on my life. Here are my top tips…

1. De clutter your wardrobe. For anyone who loves summer clothes shopping as much as I do, De-cluttering is a must – well you want to have enough room for all your new buys, don’t you? An essential tip when sorting through your wardrobe, is to try EVERYTHING on – yes, I really do mean everything. Each time you try on an outfit, take a full length photo of yourself in the mirror – this way, you’ll be able to look back through your camera roll at the end, and truly decide what’s for the bin and what isn’t. Sort your clothes into three piles: ‘keep’ , ‘bin’, and ‘charity’ – the ‘keep’ pile containing your favourite must haves, the ‘bin’ pile containing any clothes that are too raggedy or worn out to pass on, and the ‘charity’ pile containing any clothes that you don’t personally want, but others might. I suggest making sure you keep the essentials e.g. a good pair of jeans, a favourite wooly jumper, a pretty top, a little black dress, a ‘go-to’ skirt, a pair of denim shorts, a white top and a black top. However one section that people often forget to sort through, is their underwear. When sorting your wardrobe, make sure you remember to throw out any tatty underwear or bras etc that no longer fit!

After you have sorted through all of your clothes into three piles, arrange your ‘keep’ pile into neat sections in your wardrobe. For example, you could categorise your clothes by type e.g. all of your dresses in one area and all of your jeans in another. A different way to categorise could be by colour e.g. all of your black clothes together. Also make sure you do actually bin any ‘bin’ items and don’t just put them back into your wardrobe! In terms of your ‘charity’ pile, most places such as Oxfam will be happy for donations, alternatively, most big supermarkets have clothing banks that you can drop any unwanted clothes at.

2. Clear out your purse. Empty your purse of all its’ old receipts, bus tickets, and expired vouchers /gift cards, and sort them into piles – whether they’re just meaningless scraps of paper, or whether you may need to keep them for future reference e.g. a gift receipt. I personally keep all of my useful receipts in my ‘Tin Of Denial‘, which is a tin that is embarrassingly full to the brim. However by doing this, I know exactly where any important receipts are, and my purse stays clutter free; and can actually close for once.

3. Update your magazine collection. Sort through your magazine racks and recycle any old issues that you no longer read. Magazines are renowned for growing dust in an old corner, so why not sort through them and put them into good use? My favourite way to reuse and recycle old magazines, is to cut out any pictures / headlines / articles that catch my eye, and turn them into a collage for my room. For example, if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you could center your collage around that theme and make an inspirational poster. Alternatively, you could make a collage with words and images that best describe you, or make one for a friend and give it as a thoughtful present.

4. Makeover your makeup bag. It is well known that women don’t usually just have the one mascara or the one lipstick in their makeup bag. Like many others I’m sure, I am prone to hoarding tonnes of old makeup products, just in case I one day might use them again. Despite this, many experts actually say that using old makeup can have a bad effect, for instance it is advised that you toss mascaras after having them a year. Therefore in light of this, and the fact that I am spring cleaning, I thought it was time for a much needed makeup bag makeover.

I suggest throwing away any old makeup products that you have had for absolute years e.g. old mascaras. I would also suggest throwing away any makeup that has gone gungy and gross like lip glosses, lipstick or nail varnish. I have also thrown out any products that have pretty much run out, but have been kept up until now ‘just to get the last drop out’. Another thing that’s useful, is gently washing any makeup brushes e.g blusher brushes, foundation brushes, lip brushes or eye shadow brushes; in warm water and then leaving to dry. Washing your brushes regularly is as essential as washing off any makeup before bed; as it rids the brush of old makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria – which you are otherwise re-applying to your face. Washing your makeup bag with a sponge / putting it in the washing machine is also a great way to get rid of any old dirt and bacteria.

5. Update your contacts. As I’m sure many of you will agree, I constantly regret adding half of my ‘friends’ on Facebook. When I was 12, I apparently thought it was a great idea to add anyone and everyone – many of whom I don’t actually really know that well. Therefore whilst I’m on a spring cleaning roll, I felt now would be a good time to update my Facebook friends (I know it is a massive drag, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run!) I have also recently updated my phone contacts, deleting any old numbers or people that I am no longer in contact with. I realise this all may sound a bit brutal, but what’s the point in hanging onto the past?

6. Buy new bedding. Having De-cluttered most of your bedroom, what’s better than to collapse into a freshly made bed? Having thoroughly tidied your room, e.g. cleaning, dusting, hoovering; I suggest taking a short trip to the shops and treating yourself to a lovely new bed set. I realise that changing your bedding is one of the simplest yet most difficult tasks in the world; but I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it when you jump into bed.

7. Accessorise with finishing touches. Last but not least, accessorise your newly spring cleaned room with freshly scented candles, incense or diffusers to make your room feel just that bit more special. The Yankee Candle ‘Summer Scoop’ scent pictured below, smells of fresh berries and ice cream and is lovely for putting you in the spring/summer mood – perfect for accentuating your new room.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my tips on how to spring clean, and have fun trying them out! Any product links are highlighted in pink (black if you’re on a mobile site), making it easy for you, should you want to buy anything featured :)


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