Monday, 8 June 2015

StripTeas teatox review.

In my constant bid to become more healthy, I decided to buy the 14 day ‘StripTeas’ teatox, which claims to help burn fat, decrease bloating, and increase energy.

I have tried other teatox products in the past such as ‘Bootea’, but didn’t particularly like the flavour (despite liking green tea), or laxative after-effect. Therefore one of the main things that drew me towards trying StripTeas’ teatox, was their promise that the teas were anti-laxative and that you could choose the flavour of daytime tea from a choice of either vanilla or berry burst.

The teatox arrived very efficiently within 1-3 working days, and came in three different packets: morning, daytime, and night. Whilst StripTeas do sell each stage individually, it is recommended that for best results, you use all three in conjunction with one another.

The morning packet was called ‘Morning Wake Up’ and had the motto: ‘to make your dreams come true, first you must wake up’, written on the back – which I thought added a really nice, personal touch. The colour scheme of the packet was a mix of warm orange and purple shades, which I think complimented the time of day and the tea’s flavour perfectly. The ‘Morning Wake Up’ tea included ingredients such as: yerba maté, chinese white tea, ginseng and eucalyptus; which are all really great in stimulating morning alertness and energy levels, and when combined, tasted pretty similar to a normal green tea. Stripteas recommend that you drink this tea straight after waking – infusing the biodegradable pyramid teabag in near-boiling water for 3 minutes, or 5 if you like a stronger taste. I personally found the ‘Morning Wake Up’ tea really pleasant to drink, and found that it did give me a little bit of an energy boost in the morning – which was much needed for 9am lectures!

The daytime packet was simply called ‘Daytime Teatox’ and had the motto: ‘it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’, written on the back. The colour scheme of the packet was a mix of citrus and zesty greens, yellows and blues – which once again, I think was perfect for complimenting the time of day. StripTeas recommend that you try and drink this tea around the same time each day, so I usually tried to drink mine at around 12-1pm, but this did sometimes vary, depending on when I had lectures. I chose to opt for the vanilla flavour tea, as it appeared to be the most popular on other reviews. The tea contained ingredients such as fennel seeds, cinnamon, sunflower petals, orange blossom, and black peppercorns; it was really lovely to drink and I looked forward to having it each day. The vanilla flavouring was noticeable yet not overpowering, and made for a really nice mid-day drink. This tea was designed to boost your metabolism and stop snack cravings, and I personally think that whilst I can’t be sure on my metabolism due to not owning a pair of bathroom scales, I would agree that this tea did help to banish any snack cravings and helped me to stay full until dinner.

The nighttime packet was called ‘Sleep Tight’, and had the motto: ‘dream big so that tomorrow you can make it happen’, written on the back. The packet’s colour scheme was a combination of calming purple, pink, and orange tones – which once again, I felt was a really nice choice considering the time of day. This was personally my favourite tea, rich in antioxidants and containing ingredients such as: rooibos, ginger, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, and vanilla flavour. The flavour of this tea is hard to describe as I have never tasted anything like it, but what I can say, is that I found it to be very relaxing and calming to drink – perfect before bed. This tea was designed to relieve stress and support healthier digestion whilst you sleep, and I would definitely agree with this claim. The only negative I would say about the nighttime teatox, was that I did tend to miss the occasional night where I was out, and therefore despite finishing my morning and daytime teatox after 14 days, I still had a couple of nighttime teabags left to drink. However this was entirely my own fault, and I am not suggesting in any way that other customers will have this problem.

One of my favourite things about StripTeas’ product is that all their ingredients are entirely natural, meaning you can be 100% sure that what you’re drinking is good for your body. Another great thing was the ‘biodegradable pyramid bags’ (also natural), which allowed for the loose leaf tea inside to move – making for better infusion, and a greater taste.

StripTeas’ tagline is ‘the happy and healthy detox’, and I would definitely agree with this. For any avid tea drinkers who are looking to detox and cleanse their body, this is the product for you :)


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