Monday, 8 June 2015

Ten reasons to suggest that you're comfortable in your relationship.

Okay so obviously I cannot speak for society as a whole as everybody’s relationships are different, but I have been (officially) going out with my boyfriend, Adam, for just over a year now and would like to think that judging by the points listed below, we have a pretty comfortable relationship with one another. I’m not suggesting that you aren’t in a comfortable relationship if the points below don’t match your reality, but going by the countless number of Cosmo mags I have stashed in my bedroom, along with my own relationship experiences, I like to think that the points listed below are a pretty safe bet :)

1. You leave ‘spares’ at eachother’s houses. You spend so much time together that it’s just easier if you have your own set of pyjamas / toothbrush / makeup / clothes etc at their house as well as your own.

2. You help yourself to their food. Not in a rude way, you’re just comfortable enough to not feel guilty or shy about helping yourself to food when at their house.

3. You’ve overcome the embarrassment surrounding toilet matters. Ok so I won’t go into depth with this one! All I will say is that I think this probably applies more to guys than girls! 

4. You finish eachother’s sentences. This one may sound a bit soppy but I have personally found that if you know someone really well / spend a lot of time together, knowing what the other person is going to say before they’ve even said it, happens quite often! 

5. You wear more makeup on a trip to the village shop than you do on a date. For me, this is a crucial indicator that you are comfortable around your other half – the moment that a girl switches from a full face of make up to a plain face free of make up, is a big step.

6. You have no problem expressing your inner weird side around them. You don’t feel embarrassed or worried about what they might think when showing weird sides of your personality – if anything, they join in!

7. You don’t freak out if you have an argument. You don’t panic about  being un-compatible etc when arguing about something. Whether arguing about TV programmes, what to have for dinner, or a more serious matter; despite intiailly disagreeing, you are confident that you can sort it out together.  

8. They’re your bestfriend as well as your boyfriend / girlfriend. Despite having a serious relationship, you’re careful not to take things too seriously, making sure that you always have fun together!

9. You’re not afraid to show your emotional side. Whether it be crying your eyes out whilst watching The Notebook or confiding in one another about an upsetting or serious matter, feeling able to convey your true emotions is vital for a comfortable and healthy relationship. 

10. You aren’t constantly trying to impress them. You’re comfortable in the knowledge that you don’t need to change anything or put up a front in order to impress them. They love you just the way you are and vice versa. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post! What reasons apply to your relationship? 


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