Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Diet Plate: first impressions.

I have recently been a bit slack with my blog posts due to general busyness / tiredness and so thought that I would make a six-month-late new year's resolution and blog a monthly challenge each month... here's my first :)

In another (yes, ANOTHER) bid to try and lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle, for my June monthly challenge I have decided to try using The Diet Plate for all of my meals where possible.

For some reason I just happened to find The Diet Plate gathering dust in the bottom of a kitchen drawer at home; but should you also want to try and lead a healthier lifestyle, I know that you can buy them on Amazon for around £15.00 - just make sure you buy the right one (e.g. male or female - male accounts for a necessary higher calorie intake).

The plate's aim is to teach you the correct portion sizes of meals and the food groups within the meals that you should be having, by dividing the plate into sections that reflect the correct portion size for salad/veg/fruit/carbohydrates/protein/fats/dairy.

Despite the key word in the plate's name being 'diet', I like to think that this plate is more for teaching a healthier way of life through restricting your portion sizes rather than food choices.

Unfortunately as I don't own the Calorie Counting Bowl that can also be bought for measuring cereal portions etc, I probably won't use this plate for my breakfast, but am going to try and stick to it for my lunch time and dinner time meals. I'm also going to try and set myself the challenge of only drinking either water or green tea.

Since I am going to an all-you-can-eat Chinese on Monday for a birthday, I have decided that I will commence my challenge next Tuesday.

Stay tuned for next month's update as to how I got on!


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