Wednesday, 10 June 2015

#Ziggyfest 2015.


Despite being just an ordinary day for many, for those that knew Ziggy, the 30th May 2015 was a very special day as it celebrated Zak's life and what would have been his 22nd birthday.
Zak sadly passed away in September, leaving a ziggy-sized hole for those who were lucky enough to have known him. Ziggyfest was a fundraising event created in Zak's honour, raising money for Oxfordshire Mind - helping those with mental health problems to overcome their issues by offering advice and support for those affected.

I first met Zak when I was in year seven - we shared the same school bus. Despite being quite a few years older than me, Zak was always so lovely and chatty, I remember thinking that he made the daunting bus full of new people, seem just that little bit less scary and more bearable. Being the lovely person that he was, I was always aware of how much he was loved by his friends and family - even if he wasn't. However it was only when I arrived at Ziggyfest that I truly grasped the full extent of people's love and admiration for Zak - Leafield village hall was absolutely crammed; and quite rightly so.

Ziggyfest was a great evening, consisting of a live band, a bar, and an auction and raffle containing tonnes of amazing gifts, most of which were generously donated. Currently, the grand total (including giftaid) raised is over £19,000!

Ziggyfest had an incredible turn out, celebrating the life of a incredible person; and I'm sure that wherever he may have been, Zak was right there beside us, celebrating too.

* I would like to dedicate this blog post to all of Zak's family, but especially Jackie - you should be very proud of your son xxx


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