Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Diet Plate: confessions.

Okay so slightly embarrassing... despite making it last month's challenge, I have failed my goal of using The Diet Plate for every meal where possible... I probably used it about once.

I'm annoyed with myself really, because it's not even as if The Diet Plate is a difficult challenge to maintain. So why did I fail?

To be perfectly honest, the main reason for my failure is simply my own fault for being forgetful. Whilst I really like The Diet Plate as an idea; I think that in reality, if like me you are living at home and usually eat with the rest of your family, constantly remembering to remind whoever is cooking to plate yours separately in compliance with The Diet Plate, is pretty unlikely. Okay so I realise that the simple away around this problem would be to just cook dinner myself, but as I'm sure any fellow students will agree, one of the best things about coming home from uni is having home cooked food by your mum right?!

Fortunately (minus the cocktails and fizzy drinks on holiday), I have pretty much stuck to my goal of drinking only water or green tea. I think this has probably been easier than The Diet Plate because of the lovely hot weather recently, so naturally I was more thirsty, and what better way to quench thirst than a refreshing glass of ice cold water? I have also been using green tea as a snack barrier, in that whenever I feel peckish I make a mug of tea which usually stops me feeling hungry. Switching simple things like fruit juice to water has made a huge difference to my skin, leaving it clear and glowing. Drinking more water also helped with bloating - as I have found out, drinking lots of water keeps your body hydrated which consequently allows your body to flush out any excess water weight, helping the appearance of a flatter stomach.

Overall, I have to admit that despite mainly sticking to water and green tea; unfortunately my first monthly challenge has been a bit of a disaster. However ever the optimist, I am determined to complete my next one, which is to do the 30 day squat challenge ranging from 15 reps on day one, to 87 reps on day thirty.

Stay tuned to find out how I get on!

Have you tried The Diet Plate or 30 day squat challenge? What were your thoughts?


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