Thursday, 10 September 2015

Maybelline's Dream Bronze BB Cream: My Favourite Summer Essential.

In preparation for my summer holiday to Egypt in July, I decided to buy a BB Cream as an alternative make-up product to foundation. Although I know how vital it is that you allow your skin to breathe freely, I still like wearing a small amount of coverage on my face when going out etc. Therefore for the first time, I decided to opt for a BB Cream.

I was personally drawn towards Maybelline New York's BB product due to their 'Dream Bronze' edition as an alternative to their usual 'Pure' or 'Baby Skin' BB Cream range. My skin tone is naturally an olive sort of shade, therefore coupled with the tan I was hoping to achieve from the blazing Egyptian sun, I felt that a bronze cream would suit my skin tone best.

The product claims that it illuminates, warms skin-tone, evens your complexion, veils imperfections, hydrates, smooths, refreshes and protects with SPF 25 - a 8-in-1 Beauty Balm Sunkissed Glow Perfecter. 

Bought at £6.99, I intended to simply use this only whilst I possessed my holiday glow; however I have grown to love this product and have actually carried on using it as an alternative to my mousse and liquid foundations since my holiday in July!

Upon reviewing this product, I would agree that this BB Cream does what it intends to do, however despite it being 'moisturising', I do still prefer to use a moisturiser before applying this on top. I also still like to touch up any faint blemishes or marks with a concealer on top of my BB Cream, in addition to adding a small touch of Maybelline's 'Dream Touch Blush' cream in peach. Having said this, I don't think these additions are necessarily needed if you're just looking for something to give your face light coverage for an 'everyday' kind of look.

What's been your favourite essential this summer?


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