Monday, 19 October 2015

Seven signs to show that you're 19 going on 90.

Despite being only nineteen, it has occurred to me that sometimes I may as well be an ninety. I don't know whether it's just the thrill of clubbing and drinking appearing less exciting now that I can do it legally, or my secret love for home makeover shows and scrabble;but I am willing to admit that the points listed below have increasingly become my new guilty pleasures...

1. You could happily while away the day watching Escape To The Country and Antiques Roadshow.

2. You'd much rather have a quiet night at home rather than a wild night out in town.

3. You use the word 'lovely' far too often when commenting on things/events.

4. You consider going to bed at 12am a late night.

5. You consider waking up at 9am a lie in and a waste of a day.

6. You have more fun participating in scrabble nights and aqua-aerobics when on holiday than drinking and partying the night away.

7. You own a knitted cardigan.

Whilst the above points luckily don't make appearances that often, the point still stands that they have - Just me? Or do you occasionally love sacking off clubbing for a night in front of the tele as well? Let me know your thoughts :)


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