Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year, New Me - My 2016 Resolutions.


Being New Years Day, I thought I would write a typical 'new year, new me' type post; only unlike so many previous resolutions, I actually plan to see these ones through (I probably said that last year too). One of my top resolutions is to begin regular blogging again (so far, so good). Unfortunately I became pretty slack with my blogging towards the end of 2015 due to uni work and other commitments, so I'm really looking forward to writing regular posts again. Another aim for the year is to overall better my lifestyle, whether it be food, fitness or people, I'm going to try and detoxify my life by getting rid of bad energy, focusing on becoming a better version of myself instead. Finally, I'm going to try and concentrate on keeping in touch with friends - especially when I'm away at university. If there's one thing that 2015 has taught me, it's that friends and family are everything, so make sure you appreciate them and don't take anyone for granted. 

What are your New Year resolutions? 


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