Thursday, 21 July 2016

Review: Rimmel London 2-Step Super Gel Nail Polish.

For years I have been a fan of Barry M nail varnish - there are just so many colours! However as much as I hate to say it, despite the vast range of colours, in terms of chip resistance, Barry M just doesn't cut it. Were I a multi-millionaire, of course I would just pay to get my nails professionally done as and when; but alas I am a poor student and have no such luxury (I still dream though).

Luckily, whilst hunting for some new polish to last my week-long holiday in Portugal without breaking the bank, I stumbled upon Rimmel's new 2-step gel nail varnish. Admittedly the 2-step system did make me pretty apprehensive about buying this - surely if it was that good, you would only need one varnish? However desperate to have perfectly manicured nails before I went away, I bought the step 1 nail colour in 'cocktail passion' (£5.99) and the step 2 top coat (£5.99). The shade, 'cocktail passion' really caught my eye in terms of being a tropical beach, holiday-type shade. The shade is probably best described as a coraly pink / peach. I think this shade would suit most skin tones - especially when offset by a sun-kissed holiday tan!

Rimmel recommend applying two coats of colour followed by one coat of the clear top coat. Unlike the thin brushes I have experienced when using Barry M polish, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rimmel's brush was really wide and thick. This made the polish application incredibly easy and streak-free - a problem I frequently suffer with when using smaller brushes! The top coat also featured the same brush, once again making for easy, glide-on application.

Unlike some nail varnishes, the colour of this polish didn't alter when applied to my nail; however it was slightly annoying that two coats were needed in order to reach the polish's true shade. Despite this, the top coat gave the polish a really lovely shine - my nails genuinely looked like they were professional gellish nails! Rimmel say that with proper application, their polish should last for up to two weeks. Although my nail varnish didn't last completely chip free for a whole two weeks, they did fare very well in comparison to other products that I have tried; especially considering the chlorine in the swimming pool would usually have a detrimental effect.

This nail varnish isn't perfect, but as a high-street alternative to professional gellish nails, I would definitely recommend this product. Other colours that I have since purchased include 'punk rock' (an indigo/blue) and 'soul session' (a nudey/pink).

Have you tried Rimmel's new nail polish? What did you think?


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