Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Review: Simple Kind To Skin+ Perfecting BB Beauty Balm.

 It's quite unusual for me to stray from my comfort zone when it comes to makeup - somewhat embarrassingly I've been rocking Miss Sporty's 'So Clear' foundation for years. It was only when Simple's new BB balm caught my eye, that I considered trying something new. I have sensitive skin and have been using Simple's face wash and scrubs for years - therefore their new BB cream appealed to me as I do think it is really important to remain as simple - excuse the pun - as possible in terms of applying makeup and beauty products to your face and body.

Packaged in a lovely box and made from multi-vitamins, naturally derived minerals and illuminating particles, the BB balm promises to moisturise, even skin tone, blur imperfections & fine lines, in addition to protecting your skin from UVA and UVB (SPF-15).

(right side) makeup free // (left side) Simple's BB Balm
The guidelines for applying the balm advise you to blend the product into your face and neck with your fingertips by using upward and outward movements. Usually this would be the only way I would consider applying my foundation. However having purchased a beauty blender sponge, I would definitely recommend using this instead. Through using a partially dampened beauty blender to sponge on my BB balm, I have found that despite using less product, the coverage and blend of the cream is far better across my face.

Overall I have found this BB balm to be an incredibly good product and at the price of £6.29 it's tough to find any faults - I especially love how moisturising it is! If I had to choose, the only negative I would comment on would be that over particularly dark areas of my face or if I had a blemish, I would sponge on a small dab of liquid concealer on top. Adding a few dabs of concealer where needed really creates that flawless look; however I still think that the BB balm is great regardless of whether you add concealer or not.

Have you tried Simple's BB Balm or know of any other good brands? x


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