Monday, 31 October 2016

PYO Pumpkins: Halloween 2016.

Happy Halloween! Unlike most years, this Halloween has been slightly different (and dare I say  slightly more adult) for me as I am not going out tonight! Instead, as I happen to be home and not at uni, I went to Millets Farm to do pumpkin picking.

The idea of getting into the Halloween spirit through pumpkin picking really excited me and today was such a gorgeous day it seemed like it was fate! Millets Farm previously held 10,000 pumpkins that you could choose from - when we went there were obviously far less. However
this didn't bother me much as there were still plenty to choose from and everything was reduced to £1 - bargain!

Having picked our pumpkins - Pascal and Patricia - we decided to head home for carving. I always forget how difficult pumpkin carving can be, but today I was reminded and the novelty soon wore off after I accidentally chopped off Patricia's tooth for the third time.

Not wanting to waste any of the pumpkin's flesh, we decided to cook a pumpkin and cranberry tagine with almond, coriander and lemon couscous. In previous years I have also made pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup.

How have you spent your Halloween? x 


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