Monday, 28 November 2016

Alternative Advent Calendars: Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

So this year, I finally decided to bite the bullet and treat myself to a beauty advent calendar. I can assure you, this was no easy decision and due to the hefty price tag of most calendars, I deliberated over this a lot.

With my budget not extending to the likes of Charlotte Tilbury's beauty advent (£150) or The Body Shop's (£60-£99 range) or even Benefit at a significantly lower price of (£34.50); I resorted to browsing google in the hope that my prayers for a cheap-ish beauty advent would be rewarded.

As it turns out, Superdrug was the one to answer my prayers. Despite the RRP for Tanya Burr's calendar being £25, Superdrug were selling it for £15. In comparison to the price tag of other calendars on the market, I was really surprised at how cheap this calendar was.

The design of Tanya Burr's calendar is a gorgeous mix of blue and pink pastels, complimented by a white, snowy shimmer and rose-gold bows and trim. This colour scheme really drew me in as despite it not following the conventional Christmas colours of red/green; it definitely has a wintery, 'baby it's cold outside' type feel. I also really loved how the illustrations on the calendar are drawn so that it gives the impression of Tanya's house. This was a little touch that I felt made it more unique.

However the most important thing for me was what would be inside the calendar. Personally, I have never tried any products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics; however whenever I have seen them advertised online, I have always thought how pretty they look - especially as she appears to have incorporated a rose-gold theme throughout most products! As this calendar had £10 off and the possibility of finally sampling Tanya's products - ranging from lipstick to eye-shadow - I decided that I couldn't say no.

As I am one of those people that loves Christmas presents etc to be kept a surprise until the day comes, I have not opened my calendar yet so unfortunately cannot offer my opinion on what lays inside. The only negative I do have about this calendar, is that it is only twelve days of Christmas as opposed to twenty-four. Personally I would have preferred a calendar that lasted throughout the whole of advent; however this would have understandably made it pricier therefore I can see why it is limited in its days.

**As I open up my calendar, I will review each product with my personal opinion so make sure that you keep up to date :) **

Have you got a beauty advent calendar / would you like one? x

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  1. Can't wait to hear what's inside. I think it would make a great birthday gift for people who's birthdays are in November or early Dec


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