Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tanya Burr Cosmetics: Advent Day One.

As you may or may not have seen from my Blogmas post (if you haven't, go and check it out after this one!); today I am excited because it's December and December means Christmas and advent calendars! As you may have also seen from my Tanya Burr advent post, I am even more excited than usual because this year I treated myself to a beauty calendar.

As promised, I intend to blog about each day of my calendar... so here goes!

Day One: Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Gloss in 'Candy Cane'.

Despite not usually wearing lip gloss, I was really pleasantly surprised with this product. Firstly, I just LOVE the packaging - I mean who doesn't love rose gold?! I thought the packaging was really cute and was very festive - perfect for December 1st (eek!)

I also love how the lip gloss didn't appear to be downsized in any way - I got the impression that this is the size of the lip gloss as it would be sold in the shops. As this calendar is one of the cheaper beauty advents on the market; this was a nice surprise that I am very happy with! Perfect for slipping in your handbag when you're on the go.

Finally, I usually find most lip glosses very sticky, however this one felt more of a lip stick; yet with the shimmery colour of a lip gloss. The colour itself is a sort of subdued hot pink - nothing too brash. When I first saw the product I was a tad worried that this colour would be too bold for me, however upon trying the lip gloss I found it to be a really lovely shade of raspberry! A great colour when you want to add something a little bit extra special to your outfit without going OTT.

Have you tried any products from Tanya Burr Cosmetics? What's your favourite? x


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